Welcome To Langtons Property Plus

Founded in the late 80’s, Langtons Property Plus has been involved in the acquisition  of London property amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds over the last 30 years.

Our Role

We work closely  both with joint venture partners and high net worth  investors developing properties throughout London and within the M25. As specialist Residential developers we actively target properties that we can add value to through our creative and imaginative approach therby maximising returns for both our investors, joint venture partners and ourselves. architect

We are a dynamic team and have excellent relationships with accomplished industry specialists, including solicitors, banks, valuers, architects, surveyors and planning specialists. This allows us to make swift, informed decisions so that we can capitalise on opportunities.

Adding Value by Design

Our team includes designers, architects, project managers, surveyors and engineers. Whether it is for development to sell, to let or to suit the needs of our clients for their own use, the relevant skills are brought together to fit with the needs of the project.

As property developers, with over 30 years of experience developing residential property, we understand the costs, time frame and intricacies of planning and consents, which is crucial to estimate the viability of a project at the outset.

It also means that we are able to identify opportunities where we can add value and it gives our clients greater choice of properties that are available to them to suit their specific requirements.

LPP Joint Ventures

We understand the importance of joint ventures and the complementary skills and interests that they can bring to our business and we are always looking to build new relationships to our mutual benefit.Landowners looking for a development partner

Landowners looking for a development partner

Given that our major skill is in creating value there will invariably be opportunities whereby it makes sense for owners of suitable sites and property to work with us in joint ventures that allow them over time to extract a higher return from their asset.

The biggest problem normally facing the  developer/investor is money! We recognise that there are many  people out there able to identify good opportunities but unable to realise them. This is usually due to the lack of finance .

We are happy to work as a financial and asset management partner with an introducing party in a way which allows them to remain involved in the project in an appropriate management capacity for a share of the upside commensurate with the risk and the value of their continued input. This is carried out on a project by project basis with no impediment on either party from carrying on other non conflicting business.

Rewarding Passive Investment

Financial Partners
We have a network of financial partners and wish to maintain these associations going forward. Typically these will be investors who seek direct property exposure but lack the expertise, time and/or management resource to get involved in the types of transaction in which we excel. By Partnering with us our Partners share in the upside with no exposure to risk with regard to debt.