We are a highly experienced team who love property. Each member of the team has at least twenty years of experience, relationships and knowledge. This is what we offer to our investors.

Increasingly private investors want to have a better understanding of what their money is being invested in and how it is being managed. LPP is used to working in a transparent manner with strong corporate governance.

We are particularly interested in working with investors who require an experienced local partner whose interests are closely aligned with their own.By definition each individual investor can require a range of different services to assist in achieving their  objective.

Being a boutique consultancy, we are able to tailor services to your specific requirements. We cannot, of course, claim to be able to do everything but where there is a gap in our expertise, we are happy to recommend fellow professionals or to point you in the right direction.

Examples of services provided include:

– Researching and providing reports on individual properties, geographical locations and sectors to assist with the decision making process.
– Providing expertise (sweat equity) and / or equity investment into joint venture opportunities.
– Portfolio reviews to identify ways of maximising returns.

Our service provides our clients with a pro-active approach from seasoned professionals and aims to eliminate the pitfalls many investors fall into either through a lack of expertise or time.

We can also assist our clients in
– evaluating a property’s potential
– refurbishing and furnishings
– providing a complete rental and management package.